Established in 2020, ValVestris is an independent consultancy providing support to executives in the oil, gas, carbon storage and hydrogen sectors. We offer a wide range of services from technical and commercial reviews, to strategy and business support as well as training. Our team is highly experienced and offers a fully integrated capability –a package not matched by others.

Our customers are energy companies, investors, banks, government bodies and all groups who support these.



To offer decision support in a broad sense, we deliver the following more specific services

  • Project and Asset Reviews
  • Project Management
  • Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Governance


ValVestris supports executive & senior management in the oil & gas and renewables industries in making better decisions and improving their business.  

We are a diverse group of highly experienced industry professionals who have held executive roles ourselves. We understand the anatomy of decision making in the energy business and we know how to provide value-adding consultancy services that are insightful and pragmatic.