ValVestris was established in 2020 to support executive leaders in the energy industry in making high quality business decisions. We achieve this through our deep understanding of clients’ needs, by taking an independent and integrated, technically and commercially informed approach. Above all we listen to and work with our clients to understand their priorities and concerns. Our Vision, Mission, Values and Code of Conduct are set out below:



Our vision is to be the most sought after high-end consultancy in our key areas of activity by 2023. Our priority is to develop and deliver world class services to executive level leaders. Our primary driver is their satisfaction with our work.


Our mission is to provide world-class consultancy to the oil, gas and renewables industries. We do this through:

  • Focusing on those areas we know and understand very well and can bring a difference to such as:
    • Project and asset reviews
    • Project management
    • Risk management and business planning
    • Setting strategy (portfolio / country)
    • Governance in the energy sector
    • Delivering training in niche areas
  • Prioritizing customer-centricity, business excellence and speed in everything we do
  • Deploying our unique decision quality maturity model and assessment tool, which reflects our broad and deep experience in leadership positions in the energy industry
  • Working with a cadre of highly experienced and motivated senior leaders


Our values reflect what is important to us and we believe these are key to our success:

  • Safety and sustainability – we undertake all our activities safely and with no harm to the environment
  • Trust – we act honestly and establish trust with our clients: trust in how we do business, trust in our team and trust in how we use, and hold confidential, the information we obtain and generate
  • Integrity – we act with integrity, independence and objectivity in producing high quality work
  • Collaboration – we work together with our clients and share ideas and knowledge; with our integrated process, we support our clients to strengthen decision quality and improve the end results
  • Attuned – we remain aware and respond deftly to the changing environments in which our clients operate
  • Respect – we show respect for each person and institution we deal with, including gender, ethnicity and orientation
  • Delivery – we understand the need to deliver to your requirements, reliably, quickly and with high quality


This is our commitment to our clients and to our practitioners that:

  • We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • We will not tolerate corruption or bribery in any form and we will not accept or offer inappropriate gifts & hospitality
  • We will not tolerate trading on the basis of, or the disclosure of, inside information
  • We will identify and address any potential conflicts of interest with the client
  • We will not discriminate and will treat everyone with respect and without bias to ethnicity, gender, age, etc
  • We will not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying
  • We will handle and disclose personal & confidential data as required by law and authorised by the client
  • We will ensure that all IT equipment used, including databases and software, are fully secure
  • We will operate to our values including safety, trust, integrity, collaboration, respect and delivery

Through our professional conduct we will build and maintain the good reputation of ValVestris. Our full Code of Conduct is available here [pdf].