• Digitalisation in Oil and Gas Projects
    There are enough possibilities in the digital world now to change the way that we have done oil and gas projects over decades. The software tools are available to take up just about any physical task you would like to digitalise. Obviously, there is ample availability of storage space locally, or in the cloud, as … Read more
  • Why risk management is important and hard and what to do about it
    This article is about risk management, an essential requirement for any organization to meet its objectives, yet something that often turns out to be hard to implement in practice. There are many well documented high-profile examples of corporate failures that are to blame on a failure of risk management and that have resulted in massive … Read more
  • How to improve your appraisal strategy
    The key objective of an appraisal strategy for an oil or gas discovery is to optimize the value of a future development and to gauge the timing of a significant investment. Defining an appraisal strategy is characterized by making impactful choices based on very limited data.  Managers in oil and gas companies will have to … Read more
  • How to make better oil and gas deals
    2020 was a slow year for acquisitions in the oil and gas industry. Particularly in the first half of the year activity almost stopped. This is of course associated with the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the related drop in demand and oil price. The second half of 2020 saw a reasonable recovery, … Read more
  • Develop your business? Grow your people!
    While most organizations will agree that their people are their most important asset, it is not always clear how people are actually developed and trained so they can optimally support reaching business goals.   An established pathway to growing your own cadre is Competence Based Development (CBD). CBD is a structured and proven approach in … Read more
  • Stakeholder Management and Decision Making
    Organizations have come a long way in their knowledge and perception of stakeholder management. In fact, some decades ago, stakeholders were often seen as inconvenient and cumbersome outsiders. And even today many mistakenly view the influence by the stakeholder or how to deal with them as public relations or communications exercise. Nevertheless, the influence of … Read more