Strategic Consultancy for the Energy Sector

iVal, combining expertise

iVal is our proprietary tool with maturity models for the various phases of an energy project

Our Maturity Models

In iVal® we have systematically captured our collective experience which means your project will benefit from an abundance of industry knowledge not available to any individual consultant or project team. This way, we can give you our assessment of how you benchmark against competitors and/or peers. The use of IVal® gives us a head start on every project ensuring a complete product in minimum time.

iVAL combining expertise

Our Project Principles

How do we go about your project?

Throughout the project, carefully listening to your needs is our top priority. This way you are ensured of a result that has the maximum value for you.

An integrated approach

We assign a single project manager who is your one-stop shop for all matters. We exclusively assign highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants to each assignment. Moreover, we work in a fully integrated way; this ensures that we do not overlook risks or opportunities and that results are robust from all possible perspectives.

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