Our approach

Our Project Principles

  • Throughout the project, carefully listening to your needs is our top priority. This way you are ensured of a result that has maximum value.
  • We assign a single project manager who is your one-stop-shop for all matters.
  • We exclusively assign highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants to each assignment.
  • We work in a fully integrated way; this ensures that we do not overlook risks or opportunities and that results are robust from all possible perspectives.

    Our Maturity Models

    • For each phase in the life cycle of an energy project, we have developed a suite of in-house maturity models called iVal®.
    • Where this is of value to your project, we deploy iVal® at no extra cost to the customer.
    • In iVal® we have captured our collective experience which means your project will benefit from an abundance of industry knowledge not available to any individual consultant or project team.
    • With iVal® we can give you our assessment of how you benchmark against competitors and/or peers.
    • The use of IVal® gives us a head start on every project ensuring a complete product in minimum time.