Strategic Consultancy for the Energy Sector

Project & Asset Reviews

ValVestris provides different types of offerings, across the typical life cycle of energy projects. From early business planning and acquisitions down to realising the investment promise.

Independent View

It is invaluable to have an independent view of your development, execution and operational plans based on decades of experience running very large projects.

Business Planning

ValVestris can quickly assess the robustness of your business plan

Proper Assessment

Assessing the robustness of your business plan is very important yet complex. Our team can quickly assess the quality of assumptions, the reliability of short and long-term forecasts and the credibility of future scenarios.

Project Management

A thorough review of your project execution plan based on decades of experience

Project Execution Reviews

We provide an independent view of your project execution plans based on decades of experience with running very large projects ourselves. We do this for oil and gas projects and for large-scale projects in renewable energy, Carbon Capture and Storage as well as Green Hydrogen.


We can help create and improve your Strategy

Critical Succes Factors

Using our hands-on experience in setting and implementing strategy in leading different energy companies, ValVestris provides an independent view of your strategy or helps you create it. We support assessing credibility and we know the critical success factors for implementing your strategy.


We can advise you on ways how to set-up and implement your governance structure

Assurance and Training

ValVestris provides support, assurance and training in the areas of risk management, decision making and the management of your interests in assets where you hold a minority share and where you are a non-Operator.

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